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Cosmetic BOTOX®

Botox is the most common non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed in Toronto. Botox is often performed with tiny injections into muscles to weaken muscles in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Even younger patients can benefit from Botox. When it is strategically placed, it can refine the skin, widen the eyes and slim the jawline. Botox is most commonly used for the forehead, glabella and crow’s feet areas. There are many other areas such as the lower face, jawline and neck can also benefit from botox, please ask our dermatologist for advice. It is often considered as the lunch-time procedure as  it usually takes less than 10 minutes, and is relative painless with little or no down time.


Botox Facials/Micro-botox

Botox facial aka micro-botox is a popular treatment in Korea. Botox facials are perfect for younger people looking for more natural and subtle result. In addition, botox can reduce pore size and sweating. A fixed dose of Botox is diluted and injected in multiple areas of the forehead and around the eyes. The procedure usually takes 10 minutes, and is usually performed after local anesthetic application. There is little downtime with this treatment.


Open your Eyes

Botox injections can be used in outer part of your eyes to reduce wrinkles, widen your eyes and make you look refreshed.


Facial Slimming

Patient with TMJ disorder or bulky chewing muscles (masseter) may benefit from Botox injections. It is reduce the size of the muscles and create a slimmer jawline. As it reduces the force of biting, TMJ symptoms may also diminish.


Allergan Brilliant Distinction® Program

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