Beautification & Transformation

non-surgical enhancement
Beautification & Transformation



Cannular or needle injections of hyaluronic filler can be used in many locations to create volume, to reduce folds or lines, and to correct asymmetry. To enhance your natural beauty, we can use it to create a higher nasal bridge, a more pleasing chin, more voluptuous lips or a higher cheekbone.

Open your eyes

Neuromodulator injections can be used to widen your eyes and make you look more refreshed.

Jawline slimming

Neuromodulator injections into bulky muscles of the jaw (Masseter) to slim the face. TMJ pain may also be improved with these injections.

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2 thoughts on “Beautification & Transformation

  1. Hello, I’m looking for fillers to slim my face. Anything along those lines for a reasonable cost. I’d just like to know the price ranges.


    1. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t know where to respond to your question. It is difficult to tell you how much a treatment will cost until we assess what you need. We are happy to offer you a free consultation. Please give us a call or email us. MW SKIN CONCEPT TEAM


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