Skin Tags

Skin Tags are very common after the age of 30. They are soft skin coloured bumps arising from normal skin, often with a narrow neck (the part that is closer to the skin). The most common areas they occur are on the neck, axilla and groins. We think it could be due to increased friction in these area. However, they can be virtually anywhere, for examples, eyelids and genitalia.

If there are many skin tags in an individual, we are often concern about diabetes and obesity associated condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. We will consider blood work for diabetes, and fasting cholesterol.

Skin tags can be easily treated with cryotherapy (cold liquid nitrogen spray), electrodessication (heat created by electric current) and snip excision (removal with surgical scissors). We recommend not to buy over the counter treatments such as freeze off, which are often ineffective and can leave pigmentation or scars. The treatment should also be done in sterile manner to avoid infection.

Watch video on Skin Tag snip excision

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